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Created to finance or accept HSA/FSA payments for a BoxPlunge

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Box 8

Dr. David Livingston

Owner of "Joint Rejuvenation center"

"Great communication and all promises were delivered. The plunge is well thought out and designed well. Thanks Simon!"

Box 8


From Austin, TX.

Best bang for your buck you can get for a cold plunge! Also significantly more energy efficient than less insulated alternatives. The best part is it's compact enough to fit in my closet, so I can conveniently take cold plunges every day after my shower.

Tyler Whitt


"BoxPlunge went above and beyond to build and deliver my Box in a timely manner. The attention to detail is next level to create a high quality product that is built to last. I will continue to recommend BoxPlunge to others in the fitness community, looking for an effective way to recover."

Jennifer Wolfinger

MMA Fighter

My boxplunge purchase has been the perfect addition to my recovery steps. Great communication and availability to answer any questions. Everything was packaged neatly and setup was a smooth process. Highly recommend! šŸ™ŒšŸ‘


Why he chose BoxPlunge instead of chiller-based system

Tommy Sirkin

Owner of "Doodie calls"

Great customer service. Thank you!

Austin Dixon

Real StateĀ Professional

"The cold plunge feels very solid and all the filtration systems work great. Love my BoxPlunge!"

Larry Raulerson


They were very professional and knowledgeable, they installed the unit exactly where I asked them to and made sure everything was functioning correctly. Simon took me through all of the functionality and made sure I was comfortable with everything before leaving. Excellent customer service!

box 8

Ryan Frankel

Founder of "Thrift Vintage Outlet"

"Great professional service. Works great and they helped me with the installation"~ Our first customer!

box 8