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Product Description
Skillfully crafted from premium materials, this stylish cold plunge embodies luxury and sophistication, delivering an exceptional experience. With a temperature range that dips as low as 30 degrees Fahrenheit, our cold plunge or ice-bath is optimized for deliberate cold exposure therapy. Equipped with a powerful ozone generator and a powerful Usa made water pump for filtration and circulation, our cold plunge ensures crystal clear and sanitary water for months on end. The convenient rubber-sealed lid not only enhances energy efficiency but also keeps any debris from entering the cold plunge. What's more, our patent-pending self-unplug system provides peace of mind by automatically disconnecting all electronics when the lid is opened. And thanks to the highest quality sealant capable of withstanding extreme pressures exceeding 4,000 psi, our cold plunge is built to last. Experience the pinnacle of luxury and relaxation with our premium cold plunges.
Benefits of Cold Plunge
Reduces chronic pain
Reduces inflammation
Boost the immune system
Improve blood circulation
Better deep sleep
Reduces muscle soreness
Prevents/help depression
Increases brown-fat production
Boost energy & elevates mood
Technical Specs
Technical Specs
Compressor 250W/ Can Keep Water at 32℉(0℃)
Smart Temperataure Controller 32℉ to 55℉ (0℃ to 13℃)/ Makes Ice
Pump(Made in USA) Danner 100% Magenetic Pump
Filter Housing Standard 10"× 2.5"
Filter 30 Micron
Pre-Filter ~ 200 Micron
Ozone Generation Yes, ~100mg/hr(Timer Controlled)
Expected Water-Change Frequeny Every 4 to 6 Months*
Noise ~36db
Electical 110V, ~2 amps
Energy Consupmtion Per Year 1,550kwh or $250/yr.at $0.16/kwh
Insulation More than 3" of Insulation + Perfect Seal
Plumbing No Plumbing at all, No Condensation at all
*Assuming you shower before Plunging
Expected Maintenance
Expected Maintenance
What to replace/clean? Frequency: Instructions:
Filter Cartridge Once a month
  1. Undo Union
  2. Take filter cartridge out
  3. Install a new one or clean existing
Pre filter Once week
  1. Slide out pre-filter from inlet(very easy)
  2. Quick rinse
Water Change once every 4 to 6 months*

*Assuming you shower before use
  1. Use the included sump pump & hose to empty it
  2. Use white vinegar to clean interior
  3. Refil with clean water
H2O2 Solution
(Optional Eco-Friendly Sanitation)
One shocking amount(for new water)

One maintenance amount(Monthly)
  1. Use BoxPlunge custom-made measuring cup & instructions to add the right amount of H2O2
What's Included:
Pump & chiller
Electrical box
Safety system self- disconnect
Filter housing
Anti-slip PVC mat
Towel holder
Sump pump & hose
Phone mount
Warranty Information

1 Year Standard Manufacturer's Warranty

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Self-unplug magnetic safety system (patent pending)

Everything self-disconnects when you open the lid (Read more about safety*)

BoxPlunge Features

Cools down to 32°F (0 °C) 
Adjust from 50 °F to 32 °F for plungers of all levels (yes, makes ice)
Strong water-flow & ozone filtration
Allows for constant water circulation, filtration and sanitation
Always dry floor technology (no condensation ever means no tray needed)
With no plumbing exposed BoxPlunge won’t ever condensate water & get your floor wet/moldy
100% Plug & plunge
Less than 10 mins to set it up
Best insulation on the market
More than 3” of insulation and a lid that seals perfectly keeps the cold in
True no plumbing
Unlike other cold plunges, BoxPlunge has absolutely no plumbing pipes.
Winter-proof (won't freeze during cold weather)
BoxPlunge has absolutely no plumbing exposed, thus won't ever freeze
Safety 1st
Our patent-pending safety system disconnect will de-energize all components upon lid aperture
Most energy efficient cold plunge in the market
Consumes ⅓rd of energy when compared to any others


Author's name.
Author's name.
Author's name.
Author's name.
Ozone filtration
4 to 6 months of clean water
Makes Ice
Cold-plunge or Ice-bath mode
No plumbing at all
Plug & play
10 mins set-up time

Strong flow rate

Clean & sanitized water for months